This is the Lords doing and it is marvelous in our eyes. Mark 12:11

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Like Faith in Gravity

Unto thee, O Lord my God, I lift up my heart. In thee I trust; do not put me to shame, let not my enemies exult over me.No man who hopes in thee is put to shame; but shame comes to all who break faith without cause. Psalm 25:1-3, NEB

I've read this umpteen times in various translations but I don't believe I ever understood it. I had always seen verse three through the lens of most translations' words, like the NIV: "they will be put to shame who are treacherous without excuse." "Dealing treacherously" made me think of dealing unjustly and deceptively with other people, which isn't necessarily a wrong understanding of life...but perhaps not what David meant for this piece.The New English Bible translation, I picked up at a used book store, made me see this verse as pertinent to our relationship with God. After all, the preceding verses deal with us and God, as do all the proceeding, and all speak of how good and righteous he is. What cause could God ever give us to break our faith in him? Man gives us reason for that every day, but God would never give us cause. And when we do break our faith in him, saying essentially "I don't trust you, Jesus, to do ____." Then we try doing said-blank on our own? Yeah...often times we come to shame. It's embarrassing to trip over the proverbial curb, to fall in that metaphorical pit. I've had many such occurrences and they give excellent cause for shame."Like faith in gravity,"I once said". Faith in God like faith in gravity. Gravity never gives us reason to doubt, and yet I think many Christians have more faith in gravity than God.

The Lord is good and upright; therefore he teaches sinners the way they should go. He guides the humble man in doing right... All the ways of the Lord are loving and sure to men who keep his covenant and his charge. Psalm 25:8-9, NEB

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