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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Time

So,apparently I am the worst blogger ever.I am loyal to read.I spend so much time reading so many other wonderful blogs that it leaves very little time for me to blog.My life isn't quite as exciting.However the hubs and I just returned from a wonderful getaway.
We have never done so much traveling in one week. We stopped at Hoover Dam.It was gorgeous but VERY hot.I think our car read 115. We ended up taking a nice dip in the Lake.It felt wonderful.By the time we made it back to our car we were dry.

San Francisco. Very cultured.Lots of tourist of course.Lots of bike riding going on.Great place to people watch. The golden gate bridge was worth seeing.
Vegas.We didn't even get out of the car.We drove down the strip and flashed to camera like crazy!I really wanted to get out and walk but, if you know my husband that wasn't even an option.Ha!

Santa Monica..This is the first beach we went to.Again very cultured and lots of bike riding going on.We saw a group of young ladies meeting on a grassy area by the ocean doing yoga.I wanted to join them so bad.

Wyoming was much more fun than I anticipated. We drove through some open range where we got to see several wild horses and some Indian carvings. The weather was just perfect.A great break from the Texas summer heat.

Great Salt Lake-one word...GROSSSSSS!!!
There were flies EVERYWHERE. You can't swim in the lake.There is so much salt that you just float.6 times more salt than the oceans. This is James washing off the salt and the flies.

my favorite hotel room from the whole trip.Considering most nights were spent camp this was absolutely luxurious.

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