This is the Lords doing and it is marvelous in our eyes. Mark 12:11

Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh My Soul

A womens conference is exactly what I needed
I went to a Living Proof Live conference in Lubbock Friday and Saturday.Well...kind of. It was a Simulcast. But...I felt like I was there, with her and the praise team, in Green Bay. AMAZING And during that conference while I was listening to Beth Moore speak (if you've never heard her, she is such a gifted and anointed speaker. She loves God and has a passion to lavish HIS love on anyone she comes across!), and she was talking about the desires of our heart. I knew that God was speaking straight to my heart.
Just on the heels of the Beth Moore simulcast, I find myself exceedingly amazed at our God. I had no idea what Beth’s topic was even though I normally read her blog daily, I only knew I had to be there. And there she was…on Psalm 37:4. The very same place the Lord had me on the way to the conference talking with a dear friend. I was so thankful and blessed to know that the Lord used Beth to echo the very same message He was whispering to my restless heart.It seems as though I’ve been having an emotional wrestling match with God as I’ve been crying out, “But God, You know my desires. You know I long to do such and such. You know how desperately I need to see You work this or that in my life…in my husband’s…in my family’s and friends’ lives.” Yet, time and time again the Lord embraces me with His grace and whispers, “Delight yourself in Me. Delight yourself in Me.”
Maybe I haven’t been listening like I should. ok. I’m sure I haven’t been listening like I should. But how sweet to know that God loves me so much and sees my heart’s cry and uses a tiny Texan with a passion for God and a passion for His Word to deliver His very same message with a Texas twang. Delight yourself in God.

He is my delight. He is my joy. He is my life. There is no question…He is the passion of my heart; my most treasured relationship. Unfortunately, life tends to scatter my thoughts and I find myself distracted by my relentless “to do” list. And so my sweet Savior calls me back to the place of fellowship with the Living God as He once again has reminded me, “Delight yourself in Me.”Turn off the television, the ipod and the phone; step away from the computer…just be silent before God. Meditate on His Word, His Goodness, His mercy and His love for us. Don’t allow your life to be so loud that it drowns out the still small voice of God. Just stop…be still…and delight yourself in the Lord.

Oh my soul is right! I have just returned from a most amazing experience that I hope to dwell in and think upon in the weeks to come!!

It was amazing due to the fact that we serve an amazing God! (Amazing doesn't do Him justice!) All that Beth brought before the women at the conference was nothing is His Word, that has always been, but she brought it at JUST the right time, in JUST the right words and my oh my, did I need to hear it!

The entire 3 session weekend was based on Psalm 37:4. The same verse that growing up, I would quote over and over. "Delight thyself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart." Easy enough right?!?! Her explanation of the desires of our heart and our hearts desire were so great. I won't try to repeat what she said, but I will say this. You have GOT to get your hands on her lessons on this verse. Somehow, some way, you HAVE TO!

She had 7 points taken from Psalm 37:1-9 that I will copy for you in hopes of striking your interest button just enough so you will figure out a way to hear these lessons!

1. Nothing dictates our lives like our desires.
*At the end of the day, we do what we want to!
2. Beneath the desires of our heart, is the heart of our desires.
*Look for what is present in the absence!
3. Delighting in God adapts our desires into inevitabilities.
4. Nothing external can steal our right to delight.(No person has the right steal our joy)
5. To make room for delight we have to commit.
6. Nothing is passive about potentially waiting for desire to turn into delight.
7. Till faith becomes sight, TRUST GOD and DO GOOD.

I hope this blesses somebody, somewhere!


  1. I like this boo! This is very encouraging and will be stopping by here often, and i miss you!! -emilyrose

  2. I love it! Thank you for sharing.