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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Some old summer pictures.James had a week off in July.We went out to New Mexico and Camped in the mountains for a few days with his family,then we took the trvel trailer up to Durango(just the two of us).I love it there.We ate at a cozy Pizza parlor..much like a Coffee shop.After Durango we headed toward the Grand Canyon and stopped at the Four Corners on the way.Last Summer we went to New York,I'm trying to work on a cruise for next summer.My friend Deven and I decided we may have to make this cruise a girls trip all because our husbands "don't so cruises".

I love summer...the cookouts and trips to the lake but,I'm an even bigger fan of FALL season aka Football Season here in Texas.

Proud wife and graduate-Southwestern Seminary

Sister-in-law's graduation at Texas Tech (my hair looks like a bowl..bummer)
Trees in New Mexico

Grand Canyon

we never saw rain but we did see a rainbow

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